General information: If there is something missing in our accommodation, if improvements need to be made or if we can assist you in any way, please contact us. We are happy to help. Please treat the furnishings with care so that the next guests will feel comfortable too. If any damage occurs to the furnishings, please inform us, at the latest, upon departure. In general, matters can be resolved quickly and easily.

Pets: Dogs are welcome in our vacation home. Please inform us accordingly when booking. We kindly ask for your understanding that we can only allow a maximum of 2 dogs. Pets are not allowed in the beds.

The kitchen: Please wash dishes, cutlery, pots and pans before departure. Please dispose of all food before departure. Please leave the kitchen as you would like to find it on your next visit.

The bathroom: The bathroom is regularly cleaned. Please open the windows for 15 minutes after showering. Please do not dispose of food waste in the toilet, shower or sink. Please use the designated trash cans instead.

Waste separation: Please separate the waste into the designated containers. Further information on waste disposal can be found in the guest folder.

Heating / ventilation: Please ventilate the rooms for at least 10 minutes daily. Please do not adjust the heating system.

Non-smoking: Smoking is not allowed in our vacation home. Please only smoke outside.

Your duty of care: Please close all windows and doors before leaving the house. We do not assume any liability in the event of burglary or theft. Also, please check that all lights as well as the stove and oven are turned off. Valuables: The landlord is not liable for valuables and clothing.

Parking: Please only use the designated parking spaces on the property.

Additional information: Please do not adjust devices such as the television. Overnight stays in the accommodation are not allowed for unregistered persons. Please do not carry furniture from the interior outside. Please remove dirty shoes before entering the accommodation.